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The Beasts of Burden project thrives on the unwillingness to compromise and the passion of its protagonists.
It is ultimately their friendship that has made this project possible.

The first protagonist in the union is Philipp Ene, the son of a German mother and Nigerian father, born in Hamburg in 1980. Philipp gathered his first impressions of life in early 80s Africa. He went to school in Lagos, the former capital of Nigeria, and became a natural wanderer between African and European worlds. After completing school in Hamburg in 2001, he went on to graduate from Houston, Texas with a Masters in Business Administration in 2008. Since then he has divided his time as design-oriented co-founder of Beasts of Burden between Hamburg and Lagos, where he coordinates the procurement and production in his family business. A position for which he was predestined.

Philipp didn’t remain alone in spirit: With Peer Scheer, the second protagonist of the project, Philipp has a partner at his side with whom he has established a long-standing friendship. In their early years the two passed balls on the basketball court – a time in which they learnt to appreciate one another. Then Peer turned to the study of Business Management and successfully completed his MBA. At the same time he cultivated his passion for art and design, as well as for foreign countries and cultures by travelling to places including South America, California and Istanbul, where he also took residence for a time. This was followed by work history in which he distinguished himself as a project manager and consultant for both large companies and startups, social enterprises and artists. Today, Peer commutes between Hamburg and Los Angeles, as he lives and works in both cities.

It was the year 2009 in which Phillip and Peer’s paths crossed again. One thing led to another and Beasts of Burden was born.

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