Special request from Beasts of Burden:

Uniqueness at your request

The design objects from Beasts of Burden are not only available pret-a-porter, but also, upon request, made to measure.

A perfect fit for your interior style.

The variety of options and the individuality of a unique specimen – the Bovidae from Beasts of Burden embody both desires. Choose from a selected mix of materials which suit your taste and your ambience. It is immaterial whether you want a glittering eye-catcher or your idea is of a more purist nature: Our artists will realise your vision. With premium fabrics, handicraft expertise, and a loving touch.

Striking archaism coupled with high quality materials

The Bovidae provides its archaic presence from the offset. It is the manual finishing which makes them unique design objects. For this, various metal alloys and natural products are used. Sheet brass, copper, and aluminium, in combination with patina or shellac. They can be combined with selected materials such as Swarovski crystals or various types of leather – the options are incredibly diverse.
Leather from cow, calf, and deer, as well as cowhide, is used. Velour is also available as is high quality synthetic leather with snake, crocodile, ostrich or frog optics.

Real leather can be processed for these materials upon request. There are no limits set on your good taste.
If you desire a particular material, we will explore its feasibility with our artists.
With the option of customisation, Beasts of Burden offers the choice of a personal mix of materials for your selected Bovidae. The patterns from the leather section, metal section as well as the lightning section are combinable. For orientation, please refer to the diagrams below.



Have you already made your pattern selection and would like to know more about the options for the material mix? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

As unique as their individuality: Personal Consultation

We won’t abandon you when designing your Bovidae, but will accompany you through the creative process from A to Z.
You have the ability to determine the metal alloy and material, in addition to the size, in advance, so that it suits the need of your living room or business quarters perfectly.
Upon request, we will also accompany you to the space in question. Do you have specific questions on topics such as mounting, production, delivery times or the materials used? Please do not hesitate to contact us.