The manufacture of Beasts of Burden:
Arts and crafts create the unique

High quality, shimmering metal tones, an antique look, countless coloured accents, the processing of various types of leather, a personal surface finishing: A Bovidae from Beasts of Burden is, due to the unique material mix and the artisan work, like no other.

But it’s always yours. Recognised uniqueness from the hand to the wall.

The horns and skulls of the Bovidae are designed by lorimers and goldsmiths who understand their craft as art and life. Their finesse, patience, and many years of experience with the different materials are what makes a Bovidae ultimately so fascinating and unique. This knowledge of the most varied of compositions are, for example, as important as the installation of gold plating.

Fine metals applied by hand

In the creation of a Bovidae  materials such as brass, copper, aluminium and gold are used. They are applied by hand with the greatest of care in a lengthy process and then polished to a shine. Thereafter, the Bovidae are painted with several coats of shellac which ensures durability and protection. Optionally, patina can be added to produce an antique effect. Primer specific colour accents can also be set, as well as oil gilding. The creative possibilities are limitless.


Exquisite leather as a second skin

As a visual contrast to the processed metals, leather is an attractive option. For the Bovidae only selected skins are used, primarily vegetable tanned leather. Depending on the particular artistic intention, leathers from deer, elk or even natural hides are used. They are applied to the Bovidae in the form of a mask and are decorated with capsule or English seams. They give the design object its new face. Of course, you can select a Bovidae from our collection or customise the design object your desire.


The Bovidae or bovines are a family of ruminants, which in turn belong to the even-toed ungulates. This large family includes cattle, sheep, goats, and various antelope.