Extremely solid and velvety-soft all at once.

Water, sand, and cement. Mineral recources as finishing. Self-compacting concrete stripped by hand

When fabricating a Bovidae Calabar only pure mineral recources are used. As with conventional concrete, our Bovidae persists of water, sand and cement. By optimizing the properties of concrete an almost bubble-free cast, a gallant look as well as tender haptic become possible. A Bovidae Calabar is water impermeable and frost resistant, extremely solid and velvety-soft all at once. Each Bovidae Calabar is fitted with natural horns. Optionally, colour variations are available.

Consequently, there are no limits to the creative and design possibilities.

White, gray, dark gray, blue, red, green
Dimensions (height x length x width): 28cm x 58cm x 16cm
weight: 2.75 kg

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