Selected types of leather in all of their facets. The second skin of the Beasts of Burden

Exquisite leather as a second skin

As a visual contrast to the processed metals, leather is an attractive option. For the Bovidae only selected skins are used, primarily vegetable tanned leather. Depending on the particular artistic intention, leathers from deer, elk or even natural hides are used. They are applied to the Bovidae in the form of a mask and are decorated with capsule or English seams. They give the design object its new face.

Of course, you can select a Bovidae from our collection or customise the design object your desire.


NNubuk Water Buffalo, Count Prestige; Antique Leather; Porsche Natural Leather
Dimensions (height x length x width): 104cm x 98cm x 45cm
weight: 9.1kg

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