Unique Bovidae from notable designers:
The special edition from Beasts of Burden.

Multifaceted collaborations create unique objet d’art.

A Bovidae from Beasts of Burden as the genesis of artistic design.

Each creative design begins with a Bovidae from Beasts of Burden. As a canvas, Beasts of Burden provides opportunities for artistic expression to a variety of artists from a range of disciplines – there are no limits. Due to the natural earthiness and distinctive shape of the bovine skull hitherto unknown challenges and possibilities for artistic creation have been conceived. Our collaborations with selected artists arise from a shared enthusiasm for archaic cattle skulls, the creative process as well as the ability to produce impressive and distinctive art pieces.

If you are interested in collaborating with Beasts of Burden, please share your inspiration with us.


Designed by Ulli Bock
Dimensions (height x length x width): 105cm x 120cm x 60cm
weight: 9.5 Kg

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